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Welcome to Jeff and Heather's (and Harrison, Alexander and Rowan's) Home Page

        While we do have the pictures of Rowan Elizabeth above (and she is by far the biggest news in our life) but, WE HAVE RETURNED TO SOUTH CAROLINA!!!  Jeff is now the Engineering and Sales Manager at EnviroSep in Georgetown, SC.  EnviroSep is a manufacturing firm that specializes in heat and fluid recovery system; my job is tojnhplane.jpg (72438 bytes) help them grow and prosper.

        Jeff, Heather, Harrison, Alexander and now Rowan are now missing all their friends in NY, but are happy to reestablish their friends in SC.  (We're glad to see you again!!!)   jnh03.jpg (72311 bytes)

          Feel free to click on our recent news to get more updates and enjoy our site. 

          We're also glad for all the emails and visits we've gotten recently.  If you're friends and in the area, don't hesitate to pick up the phone.

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