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       From what I know about Alphonzo and Miriam, they were quite a couple.  Alphonzo was born in 1880, in New York City.  He was born into a fairly wealthy family; his father had done quite well working with his grandfather, in the construction elevator business in New York City.  (I get the impression that Thomas Pelham was the inventor and Alphonzo E. Pelham was the businessman in this industry.)  Alphonzo pretty well ended this business; I think he really had no interest in it.
       Miriam was born during the Blizzard of '88 (March 14th, 1888), also to a fairly wealthy family but in Pennsylvania.  Her grandfather was named Andrew Robertson; he made quite a bit of money in the coal business.  (You can find more about her family on the Clemens pages.) 
       They were married in 1920 and lived together until Alphonzo died at 89, in 1969.  Miriam also died at 89-years-old, in 1977. 

The Foraker/ Pelham Incident:

       I found the following articles in a news paper search, telling a story about a woman and Alphonzo.  It seems that she was accusing Alphonzo of stealing from her, being a playboy, etc., etc.  It wouldn't surprise me a bit.  It seems to end when Mrs. Foraker doesn't show up to court, and Alphonzo's lawyer reports that he has gone away to fight in WWI. 

Pelham/ Foraker
Chicago Tribune
June 30, 1917
Pelham/ Foraker
Washington Post
July 1, 1917
Pelham/ Foraker
Washington Post
July 2, 1917
Pelham/ Foraker
New York Times
July 23, 1917
Pelham/ Foraker
Washington Post
July 25, 1917



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