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       Here's a little bit about Donald and Mary Jean Pelham.  Donald was born in New York City in 1927.  He grew up on Long Island, fought in WWII and then attended Princeton University (class of 1949).  He lived a few more years on Long Island or New Jersey and then he moved to Avon, CT, where he started Acromold Products Corp.  He met Mary Jean around 1961.
       Mary Jean was born in Rye, NY in 1933, but soon after she was born, her family moved to Fishers Island, a small island off the East tip of Long Island.  She grew up there and left for the first time to attend Keuka College, where she studied Nursing.  After she graduated, she moved to Hartford Connecticut, where she worked her way up to the head of the Nursing School at the University of Connecticut's School of Nursing. 
       They married in 1963 and quickly had 3 children.  After the birth of the third, they moved to Vernon, CT, where they lived for the next 32 years.  (It was a good place to raise a family.) In 1999, they moved into an apartment.  Donald died from injuries related to a fall on September 27, 2005.

Articles About Them:

Acromold Article
Hartford Courant,
April 6, 1964
Acromold Article
Hartford Courant,
May 2, 1966
Acromold Moves
Hartford Courant,
April 2, 1965
Acromold Merges with Triangle
Hartford Courant,
August 29, 1962
Don attends the Bachelor's Club of Hartford's annual Picnic (w/ picture)
Hartford Courant,
July 1, 1956
Donald is made a director of the Rockville Chamber of Commerce
Hartford Courant,
Sep. 14, 1966
Don attends the Connecticut Ski Council's "Snow Ball" (w/ picture)
Hartford Courant
Dec. 2, 1954
Don is an Usher when Mary Elizabeth Hoagland and John Marion Pardy marry.
Hartford Courant
Oct. 24, 1959
Don is an Usher when Virginia Hardt and Frederick Fairbrother Marston, Jr. marry.
Hartford Courant
Aug. 23, 1959
Don is an Usher when Elizabeth Bush Dean and John William Drieger marry.
Hartford Courant
Jan. 31, 1960
Feb. 23, 1963

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