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Teddy Mueler 2/15/06
Hey gnag.  haha get some updates soon.  But the syte lukes great!


Jeff Pelham (no relation) dare2soarpelham at 1/6/06
Nice web site.  I was a squid from 88-94 and now am involved in a church in Michigan.  Interesting world of Jeff Pelham's...huh?


Colin Brian O'Connell coconnell at 1/3/06
Jeff..   It is wonderfiul to see you doing amazingly well


Dominique Francon

PriestessDominique at 12/21/05
This is a great website, thanks


Tony info at 12/20/05
Hi, i found your site with its a cool site. best wishes from good old germany. cheers, tony 11/30/05
Hello Jeff and Heather!
Nice Page! Nice Greetings from Austria sends you your Kaefer Tom ! :)


Valerie Mercer SCsouthernbelle02 at 9/16/05
Hi this is Valerie Mercer. I am in one of ur pics. I was Miss Hell Hole Swamp 2002. What a flattering pic. lol. Well just wanted to say hi.


Xavier 8/26/05
Love the site!!


hi!  a very nice website you got here.  maybe you could stop by at ours.  best wishes from london


Andrew Carlson acarlson222 at 4/1/05
Just want to say hi, and let you know everything is going well.


Jane Carlson janeacarl at 4/1/05
I found it!!!!


John F. Ahrns john at 1/1/05
live in central texas   work in conservation field


Rick Burkowski 12/29/04
Very Nice you Look so happy.God Bless you all


Timothy Doroshevich timthesailor at 11/18/04
hay what's happening with you guys?  I wont be seeing you guys at thanksgiving were going to uncle toms new house. I just turn the big 18 on October 16. how is Harrison doing? well hope is all well . hope to hear from you guys soon.


The Other Heather heatherlentzjones at 9/12/04
Greetings from Texas!  Or rather, howdy, y'all...  Your family is GORGEOUS!  I'm going to try to road trip up to Kendall next summer with the kids.  We should get together and play!  I'm going to try your email, Heather.  Hopefully we can chat and catch up a bit.  XOXO Heather


SYKO TOM elsykotom at 8/29/04
Glad to see you are not in the midst of a major hurricane. I checked the weather from this library and decided to do a search for your name. I am in San Diego, California now standing on a street corner with a sign that says...."I am a veteran, near homeless, no money, I don't want any, Have you seen Jeff Pelham??"  On the bottom of the sign is a dancing bear. Nice weather out here....don't really know what I am doing here but I do have a job and a car and am thankful that GOD has placed avacados on the side of the highway for me to eat. Got soy?? E-mail me....or else.



Mike Dance mmd271 at 8/19/04
Wow, this is quite an operation.  I'm honored to have shown up in all those pictures (although it's a good thing there's not a "video" section...)  Lubec was amazing.


Amy aarchamb at 8/19/04
Thanks for sending the link to your web site - loved the Lubec pics!  Looking forward to Marshfield, MA next year!  Hope you guys are going again, too!     -A


James Michau james.michau at 8/13/04
Jeff i just wanted to hear from you so here i am on the internet. we are waiting on charlie and we had our first ESP no 2 recovery on the 11 day of august. when you receive this give me a hello back.


Olamuyiwa Michael Eyiaro

My names are Olamuyiwa Michael Eyiaro, a twenty seven years old economist from Lagos Nigeria.
Presently i'm into advertising but my dream is to become a petroleum economist and end my carrier with O.P.E.C.
I got to know this website when i was in the university.



vegyangel at

Hey Jeff! This is a cool site. Had a great time at workcamp with you! *waits for pictures* aw... your babies are cute.


Ronald Geddings

wwwgeddings at

i found the hidden treasure thanks a lot


Brenda Ahrns

bahrns at

Hi, I'm Brenda Ahrns, married to John Frederick Ahrns. We live at a nature preserve west of Austin, Tx., called Westcave Preserve. We received Christmas letter from your relatives up north, mentioning you, and others of the family.
John and I have two grown children, John Jeffrey - 35yrs. old, and Amber Michelle 32. Jeffrey has three children - Lauren - turns 10 on valentines day, Courtney is 6 and John Dylan is 2 yrs. John and I stay pretty busy with Westcave, the Grandchildren, etc.
We plan to join the Garretts - Grace and Gary, their Girls Nancy, Christine, and Martha this summer for a family reunion at Birch Bay in Washington State. All Ahrns are welcome. Grace is John's Aunt on his fathers side, they hailed from Detroit.


Hylan Fenster

Hey Jeff:
Hylan here from Campus Insights. I have graduated from school and now at Brooklyn Law School. They have no television studio here...then again, neither did CU.
Thanks for your support of CI the years I was there and the great pictures.
Take care


Matt Parobeck

Just checking the site after the Christmas e-mail.




Mugu Chi 8/13/03
keep off guyman is here please mug man waka go000000000000000000000000000000


Mark Du Bois 8/5/03
Whoa, Hey Jeff Pelham!  Remember Pig knuckles and Rice?  This is your old 4-H camp buddy here.  Tried to email through this address and it got sent back!! Email me and/or send my info to Barb and Doug!!!
     Can't believe it's been almost twenty years!!!  All is well, live in California, getting married in two months, have a catering business. You can come and scrape my pig garbage any time!! Hope to hear from you guys soon!!!!
Congrats on the kids, and all. Take Care, MArk


Rod Stephan 7/25/03
Had a great time at Tylerplace!!!! Hope you guys did again as well. I look forward to seeing you guys again next year. Thanks for the fun times. I also surmise that you, Jeff, are a pilot as well?? I am looking at getting a license in the next year.
take care,   rod
Petty Officer Dentino  7/15/03
YOU RANG?  Great web site....You look really happy!!!  There really is life after the Navy.  I'm now checking out your company.  Wanna buy some switchgear?  What was that poem you used to quote?
Heather L 4/25/03
Hi!!!  How are you?  Congratulations!  We'll have to get our boys together soon... Ethan will be a perfect playmate for Alexander!  You've got to get a couple girls in there!


Johnny Huggins 4/21/03


Svetlana  2/14/03
My name is Svetlana. I'm from Almaty, Kazakhstan. Have you ever hear about our country? I hope YES. I've found your site causly and I like it. Therefore I'm writting to you. If you like I'll send to you pictures from our country (nature etc.) If you need more information just ask me!  Best regards,
Svetlana & Sergey.
Jim Zimmerman


Still doing Southern Style on Mondays and council meetings on Tuesdays. They keep  getting rid of people and they take turns doing camera on Mondays.  Mort takes his turn. I'm the only contractor left. Sounds like you are enjoying yourselves. Take care Zim
Lucy Mitchum from G-town


CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!  I am so happy to hear that Alexander was born and is doing good.  I miss you guys so much and hope to see you really soon.  Everything is going pretty good here.  Please keep in touch.  
Jim Bessant


Just checking to see if this is the web site for two friends of mine who once lived near Georgetown, SC.  Wondered how they were doing nowadays..
Veronica Lee


Hello Jeff!
As promised, I visited your website!  I think it's so great!  Your wife is gorgeous and your little boy is simply adorable!  
I truly enjoyed meeting you at the NYMOC training session and I wish you the best of luck in dealing with all of your Generation issues...
Also...good luck with the upcoming birth of your little girl!  
If you're ever in NYC, remember the Con Edison Get-Along-Gang (Veronica Lee; Jack Chen; Sandy Lomm; and Angel Morales Jr)!
Have a wonderful day!

Veronica Lee
Con Edison
Energy Supply  
Neeral Shah    2/1/02
Big Jeff & Heather -- The guide on how to put together a computer is absolute brilliance!  It is always nice to log on and get updated on new things through the web page.  Happy New Year and it is great to hear from you.
Tad & Stephanie Roebuck    9/7/01
Wotta website... We laughed! We cried! It was better than "Cats"!
Timmy Doroshevich   9/5/01
hay uncle jeff and anut heather how is harrison ? Hope to see u at the pig roast  .Uncle jimmy will be there and aunt karin .hay will u guys email me at ok when will u be at the island oh yah i got my drivers premit now ok lovea bye.tim
Timmy Doroshevich    7/21/01
Hi Kids,
     It's me, ko, and Timmy at ko's house in Worcester, MA.  I'll turn over this email to Timmy now.  By the way, your website is AWESOME!  Great pictures!
Heeeeeeeeeeere's Timmmmmmmmmmyyyyyyyy!
hay what's up with you guys.How is harrision doing . Will u guy's be at the pig roast . uncel jeef rember the car on the island the hole is still there . How are u anut heather  hope to see u and the hole family at the pig roast . ok see u later
Bernice Pelham   7/17/01
Hi Jeff and Heather                       Nice Web-Page.....  
Donald Pelham    7/4/01
Jeffrey:  That was a stroke of genius calling up the Iowa Historical Society.  Will be interested in any more information they can give you.  Enjoying your web site additions, especially the pictures.  Love,  Dad
Grandma Ahrns    6/22/01
just trying new buttons  we picked strawberries this morning--10 quarts. some are destined for devon's graduation party on sunday. hope it doesn't rain.
Grandma Ahrns    6/9/01
Hi! We finally got a computer Compaq notebook and are on the internet. So write! Love Us
Lucy Mitchum    2/23/01
Hey, cool sight.
Jon Winsley    2/8/01
Well, look what you find when you type Larry Dears (one of Jeffs links) into yahoos search engine. Unfortunately, I was also in the navy with Jeff, unfortunate because of the navy, not jeff.
Andrew Carlson No Address    1/28/01
Hello Pelhams; How is your winter? Chris and the kids are doing well. The pictures are great. When will you come to New Hampshire for skiing or snow mobiling. We would love to see all of you including the baby. I am down with mother at the shop, and she showed me the web site. I hope to have an E-Mail address soon, and I would like to keep in touch with you. Send any E-Mail to my mom at or jane Andrew 
Jackie Haggerty    12/14/00
What a nice idea to look up old friends. Thomas gave me your website information. I thought I would take a look and say hello. It looks as though you are enjoying life and have a nice family. That's great! A few years ago I lived in Vernon and often thought of you and wondered what you were up to. I hope you and your family has a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
SYKO TOM of Manchester,CT. ELSYKOTOM@AOL.COM    12/13/00
Well well welll.....congratulations. It seems I am the only one unmarried and childless person that I know. That's it...I quit. However...I am so glad to see you are the proud parents of a healthy child. Rana and I are doing alot of traveling, Kaui, Hawaii was awesome. Going to the big island next month. We might move to San Diego. If anybody who reads this has trouble with your mail service this holiday....ummmm....hee hee.... I DONT CARE!!!!!!!! I'd also like to proclaim the fact that I hate politics even more now. Jeff and're yankees.....what the heck you doin in Reb territory? I'm still fightin' that war....just call me Stonewall SYKO. Other than that...I just wanted to take up space and let people know I'm alive. PEACE OUT!!!!!!!!!!
Linda Baube (Quetschenbach)


Hi! I had to see the baby! Congratulations!!! I loved the beach picture. 4.5 days, WOW! I'll write more soon! Happy Holidays, Linda


HEY GUYS!!!! Harrison is gorgeous and i can't wait to meet him in person! very impressive website. uncle steve just gave me the address today. i showed the pictures of harrison to my suitemates and they all agreed that he is very cute. school is going well. gotta study right now for an exam- can't wait to see you all!! lov ya! - alysse
Take a Guess I have several!

10/20/00 of Heather and the baby. Not a day has gone by in the past month that someone has not asked me if Heather had the baby. Let's see....clients like Isabella, Louie from Myrtle Beach Chevrolet, Democrats from Georgetown, The Melting Pot, I could go on and on. They all love her and want to know. I tell them...go to and you can see all about it. And now Harrison is there on the website. Tracy thinks Harrison is very cute. It takes me back to 1979 when we had our first son. All the wonderment...the excitment. And the many years of fun, challenges and the most rewarding times you will ever have. Our very best to the three of you as you start your life as a family...a couple is one thing....but with children it is a whole different experience. Love Harrison as hard as you can...and if you need anything you always know how to find me.
Grandpa Pelham 10/15/00
Glad to hear Mother and Son are doing well. Can't wait to come down and see the new arrival. Love, Grandpa

Byron    9/10/00
Jeff, Nice web site. Very impressive. The pictures really make it personal. Need to add some skiing shots, or take the camera next time we go out on the Hobie. Oh, so much to do before your freedom ends next month. Byron
The Other Heather


Hello! Clifton made a few digital photo albums with pictures of the construction site that one day may be our new home... you should take a gander. It's pretty exciting! You (Heather) look fabulous, by the way, as I noticed in your baby shower photos. Sadly, I can say only that I look big (but my doctor said today that the babies are already at three pounds a piece and things are looking really good for me to make it to full term... what a relief!) Take care and enjoy the photos (there are a few stunning shots of Ariana, as well).              Love Heather 
           Photos are at 
you know who


I think it would be appropriate to do a hyperlink from Heather getting famous on TV to our website She is the queen of our department!  
Ryan D'Andrea


Hi there. Donnie Pingleton told me about your site and I had to check it out. I am still in the AF flying C-130's. I love it! I am in Abilene, about 3 hours down the road from Heather Lentz. I have not yet gotten over there to see her and the family, but hope to soon. not much else here, just working around my house and playing with my dog. see you later rye d the rebel kendall '89
Grannie Annie


Well, I can't wait to see the new baby pics! Let me know when you get the wish list finished and what store. Have a wonderful weekend. Hey Jeff this news and info section needs a wrap around. I'm not used to having to start a new line. See you in a month. Boy, I can't wait! Love Mom 
Brian Subasavage    4/25/00
Jeff, It was great that you got to come down for the Derby, and thanks for including me in your write up about it. I was checking out your pictures and was wondering how the EPA or OSHA would appreciate a copy of Brant Oberg making of a froppocino. I hope all is going well. Hey Heather. I hope you are doing well also. Take care of the little one and get some rest, you will need it. Brian
Teresa Pelham    4/25/00
Hola! You two would hardly recognize us today if you were to go solely by the state of things when you visited in November. Oh, how I wish I was on bedrest now! Rest is something I have not experienced in four months (yes -- that's how old Jack is now). Not to scare you expectant parents or anything, but he's up twice ON A GOOD NIGHT. Really, though, he's wonderful and worth any amount of lost sleep. I realize this text may come across rather odd but for some reason there's no line break, so I'm adding returns just to keep my sanity. Spencer is growing like a weed and loving his new nursery school. Now that mommy can actually run around and chase him again he's a very happy boy. Speaking of running around, I am doing my best to make sure our lives are as parallel as possible and have joined a health club. It's actually the same fancy place that Spencer attends school and it's great. (OK, I've only been a member for about 27 hours but so far I like it)! After having very little relaxing time to myself for such a long time, this morning was absolutely wonderful. Today I took one of those ball classes that involves balance, strength and non-skid shoes, none of which I am in possession of at present. On Thursday's agenda: Super tone and yoga stretch. Well, it appears that my computer time is now ending. So glad to hear you're both doing well. We can't wait to see the THREE of you at Fisher's this summer. (When will you be there?) Take care and hello to other friends and family who may be reading this! Love, Teresa
Barbara Monteiro    4/23/00
Well, I know that we are happy for you. Kayla is sitting on my lap and making it very difficult to write. We just looked at all of the pictures, and she had fun picking everyone out. She is looking forward to having a new cousin - the more the merrier! We will hopefully see you all in July when we make the run for the island. It has been too long. We will talk to you soon. I hope that Heather is feeling well. Eat up!
TheOtherHeather 2/26/00
HELLOOOOOOO!!!! Greetings from Dallas. This web page is fabulous! I giggled, I sighed, I shouted ""Geoffrey!"" How are y'all doing? Tell Heather to check her email. Heather
John Englert 2/23/00
A wonderful homepage. Very creative. Congradulations on the wonderful news. You and Jeanne are going to help expand our small family. Good luck. send me your email address and I'll log it in my address book. Uncle John
danielle dobbins duex 2/22/00
hi again guys, i know how busy you are replying to all your messages, but congrats again. nice to see the picture's finally out there. he/she's adorable!!!! take care danielle
tim tilley  2/20/00
Good job with the web page. I think you have discovered a new line of work. We pray that things continue to go well with Heather's pregnancy. Later
brian freeland 2/17/00
great home page guys...hope all is well...howdy from Talihina OK. Steve emailed me about your web site...i am in Myrtle once a year in june for 2 weeks...maybe i will catch you on the tube. brian
Jackie Ahrns 2/17/00
Hi Heather & Jeff! From the sounds of it you are both keeping extremely busy. What a great Web Site! Congratulations on the great news, how exciting! Wish you all the Best! I hope that sometime in the near furture we will be able to get together again for a Ahrns reunion. I have been keeping really busy and have just purchased a house of my own. It's very challenging but I couldn't be more excited. Have been doing some snowmobiling Up North in Traverse, but haven't had a whole lot of snow this year. Mom & Dad built their retirement home up there, and I try to spend most weekends at that house because it gives me a chance to get away from the city and enjoy the country. I am working for a Company by the name of Marketplace Solutions, Inc. and am programming Micros POS computer systems. I never have like computers and now program them. Who would of guessed! I am currently working on the install for the new Baseball Park in Detroit (Comerica Park). Over 400 Concessions, Several Restaurants & Suites are involed, which will mean no social life for a couple of months. It's a great Challenge and I enjoy it! It's nice to see recent pictures of the two of you! Please keep in touch! Wish you lived a lot closer so that I could see more of you. At least we have email and Web Sites. Hi to all the Ahrns family! Love, Jackie Remember to enjoy every day as it comes and for what it has to offer, because it only comes once. 
danielle dobbins duex   2/17/00
no news as great as yours. congratulations guys!!!!! much more responsibility involved compared to your 4 legged friends!!!! i was told, that somewhere on the web site there was a ""mammogram"" , my mom thought steve meant ultrasound, is this true? and if so, where do i find it??? write back, tell me when you're due.... talk was that you conceived in new years eve, but upon inspecting the site, i come to find the 2 of you werent together new years eve....hmmmmmm
Doug Pelham 2/16/00
Congratulations on your pending new addition! (to the family, not to the house or other structures on your property)
Stephen J. & Grandma Ahrns  2/14/00
Jeff & Heather..............Really good site and the pictures are a fantastic addition. Looking forward to the next update in a few day's. Would you like us to send you a few pictures of Christmas that you could add to your collection on the site?



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