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     When I was about seven or eight years old, my brother and sister found a sword in our attic.  It was inscribed with the inscription,

A token of esteem for our
Captain Jas. Robertson
22nd Iowa  Sept. 1862

        Talking to my family, we deduced that he was a brother of Andrew Robertson, my great, great, grandfather (my father's, mother's, mother's, father).  We thought their family line came from Pennsylvania, but until recently, we had no more tangible information about him.

        I called up the Iowa Historical Society's Library at (515) 281-5111 and spoke to Rosie Springer.  She told me the following:

        James Robertson was born in Pennsylvania around 1837 and was 25 years old, living in Iowa City when he joined the army.  He joined on August 18, 1862, was assigned to the 22nd Iowa, Company A.  He was commissioned as a captain on Sept. 9, 1862 and transferred to lead Company I.  Unfortunately, his time with the 22nd Iowa was short.  He was killed on May 22, 1863 at the battle of Vicksburg, Miss.

        I am currently trying to get more information about him and will post it online when I get it.


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