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Welcome to our picture albums.  Find pictures below by both date and description.  NOTE:  2004 pictures are HUGE.  To view the actual pictures, you'll want broadband and a self-adjusting browser.





Nov and Dec   Holiday time in the Pelham Household
Sep and Oct   Fall and Halloween Pictures
Our New House   Pictures of our new house in SC.
Rowan Elizabeth   First pictures of the little lady.


Florida Trip    Our trip to visit my sister (Barbara Monteiro) in Florida.
Fishers Island    Fishers Island in the Spring.


Church Group at Lubec    Pics of the church group at Lubec, Maine
Work Group at Lubec    Pics of my work group, also in Lubec.
Tyler Place    2004 Tyler Place Pictures
Summertime    Pics from Honeoye, Fishers, etc from summertime 2004


December    The family at the Carousel mall and Christmas in Syracuse.
November    Around upstate NY, Alexander's first birthday and visiting CT.
October  Harrison's third birthday, a fall trip out, Honeoye and miscellaneous.
September    Random pictures of the family.

Summer 2

   Fishers Island, chickens, at the state fair and in the jacuzzi.

Summer 1

   Spray park, Honeoye and the chickens.

Tyler Place

   Pictures from the Tyler Place July, 2003


   Early Summer 2003 in upstate NY.


   Spring of 2003.  First chicken pics, the new John Deere, Harrison in the swing.

Variety 2

   Early 2003 including pickle eating and a visit to the CT Pelhams



   First Alexander Pics!!!

Our New House

   Pics of our house.  (Before we moved in.)

Spring 2002

   At the wedding, Harrison pics, etc.


Christmas 2001    Harrison with the Ahrns gang at Christmas, plus Bull island and more.
July 4th 2001    Enjoying July 4th on Pawleys Island
Spring 2001 part 1    Harrison, some Pelham cousins and H's favorite mansion.
Spring 2001 part 2    Harrison on the beach, after his baptism and a wayward snake


Harrison    Visiting Englerts at Christmas and various early Harrison pics.
Harrison    More early Harrisons, Kayla's visit, etc.
Harrison part 1    Early Harrisons, including the infamous "bath scene".
Heather's Baby Shower    Heather's baby shower from Time Warner.  Caught by surprise!
International Paper 1    Various Pics from IP.
International Paper 2    Various Pics from IP.
International Paper 3    Various Pics from IP.
International Paper 4    Various Pics from IP.

1999 and before

Pelham Pics 1    Pelham cousins and siblings from the 90's
Pelham Pics 2    Pelham cousins and siblings from the 90's
Jeff and Heather    Pics of Jeff and Heather from the 90's
Doug and Teresa    Doug, Teresa and family, the earlier days.
Church    The 1998 trip to Mexico
Cornell    People and places at Cornell
Ahrns Family    Heather's side, in all their glory.



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