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In Connecticut, Early 2003

Remember to click on each picture to get a larger view.

Alexander_01.jpg (115592 bytes) doug_and_boys.jpg (114658 bytes) h_and_al.jpg (87577 bytes) young_einstein.jpg (82724 bytes)
Alexander looks around Doug with the youngest two Pelhams Heather and the little boy. Having a bad hair day.
eatin_pickles_01.jpg (54579 bytes) eatin_pickles_02.jpg (53092 bytes) eatin_pickles_03.jpg (62050 bytes) H_on_bob.jpg (65494 bytes)
Alexander loves his pickles Close-up Must have been a juicy pickle! Harrison rides Bob.
J_and_harr.jpg (81519 bytes) other_pelham_boys.jpg (126818 bytes) h_and_kids.jpg (71007 bytes)  
Harrison shows Dad he's Sari The Connecticut Pelham boys. Heather and the boys.  



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