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Heather's Baby Shower 

(Remember, all pictures are "clickable" for a larger copy!)

ARRIVES1.jpg (48719 bytes)

ARRIVES2.jpg (39434 bytes)

ARRIVES3.jpg (40788 bytes)

Heather's boss lured her to this restaurant with the pretext of making a commercial for them.  In the first picture, you can see she's still thinking about what to say to the client.  By the second, she realizes that all is not the way it should be.  It isn't until the third that she realizes this is a baby shower!
3WOMEN.jpg (50516 bytes) GIFTS.jpg (55037 bytes) 2WOMEN.jpg (52627 bytes)
  Everything a new baby could use!  
CUTCAKE.jpg (52453 bytes) 5WOMEN.jpg (57127 bytes) MORTCAKE.jpg (34903 bytes)
mmm.... cake.  I wonder if I can have some pickles with it.  Or ice cream.  Or ice cream and pickles!   Mort.... I've seen two fisted drinkers.... Let's just assume you're getting a piece for someone.....



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