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Ahrns Visit, Christmas 2001

Remember to click on each picture to get a larger view.

littleh01.jpg (85841 bytes) handh.jpg (368628 bytes) video1.jpg (165202 bytes) littleh02.jpg (93142 bytes)
Little Man Heather opens a box while juggling a boy. Who says today's teens can't focus... He attacks his coat rack.
littleh03.jpg (82784 bytes) beach01.jpg (174469 bytes) beach02.jpg (126475 bytes) gator01.jpg (236653 bytes)
Boy and his toy. On the north coast of Bull Island. Heather pulls the boy. Stopping to view the gators.
gator03.jpg (283325 bytes) gator02.jpg (225559 bytes) littleh04.jpg (90178 bytes) littleh05.jpg (129273 bytes)
Most gators ran away.  One was not afraid of us... Devon and the gator. Harrison uses his private viewing portal to observe your approach. Sitting on his alphabet box and reading his book.



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