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My Years at Cornell

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aircornl.jpg (123253 bytes) bigbull.jpg (73992 bytes) CHEMLAB2.jpg (15954 bytes) cortevan.jpg (81344 bytes)
Cornell from the air (doesn't it look serene?) Jeff and Courney and a lot of bull The four musketeers off to conquer the senior project Evan and Courtney, Freshman year
Court01.jpg (27805 bytes) dragond.jpg (105867 bytes) subcult1.jpg (36590 bytes) Tadintux2.jpg (99918 bytes)
Courtney Ballard! Your dad got you like this? Dragon Day.  (If you don't know, don't ask) On the set of Subculture Tad Roebuck (Lookin' sharp in a tux)
jcourt1.jpg (75932 bytes) Pict0001.JPG (186076 bytes) Pict0002.JPG (207168 bytes) Pict0003.JPG (161708 bytes)
Jeff and Courtney Freshman Year Typical day in the control room at Campus Insights Scott Dougherty takes the con John and James get the set right
Pict0004.JPG (197419 bytes) Pict0005.JPG (197791 bytes) footbal2.JPG (315511 bytes) footbal1.JPG (187820 bytes)
Campus Insights 
The whole gang
Nick takes the lead. The punishment begins at the annual Junior-Senior ChemE football game.... Big John gives a Junior some lovin'
footbal3.JPG (303500 bytes) goppelwedding.jpg (33587 bytes)    
Another beautiful spring day at Cornell... Kristen Powers and Frank Goppel got married!    

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