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Around the Syracuse Estate

Remember to click on each picture to get a larger view.

birchin_cochin.jpg (59783 bytes) buff_orpington.jpg (54790 bytes) box_of_chicks.jpg (87359 bytes) golden_seabright.jpg (51346 bytes)
Birchen Cochin Buff Orpington Chicks in a box Golden Sebright
nevil.jpg (71604 bytes) red_leghorn.jpg (127654 bytes) alexander_and_bear.jpg (79399 bytes) alysse.jpg (59843 bytes)
Silver Laced Wyandotte (This one is named Nevil) Red Leghorn The boy and his bear. Allyse Cottle and Alexander.
ann_alexander.jpg (62824 bytes) hanging_out.jpg (53674 bytes) harrisons_hair.jpg (53921 bytes) heather_deere.jpg (155314 bytes)
Ann and Alexander Alexander all bundled up. A happy Harrison Don't you love a woman you can buy a tractor for for Mother's day? 
swing1.jpg (76724 bytes) swing2.jpg (178089 bytes) swing3.jpg (97142 bytes) swing4.jpg (90432 bytes)
The Swing series.  (Harrison has a pinwheel in his mouth.)
swing5.jpg (135957 bytes)      



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