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Here are some pictures from our church.  Most are from the 1998 Mexico Trip.  (Remember, all pictures are "clickable" for a larger copy.  Sorry, many aren't much larger.)

Pict0011.JPG (17378 bytes)

Pict0014.JPG (22027 bytes)

Pict0012.JPG (17819 bytes)

Pict0013.JPG (22082 bytes)

Heather gives a lesson in cooking. Do you really have to do that in the sink? What'cha cooking? Dinner time
Pict0015.JPG (20668 bytes)

Pict0043.JPG (24607 bytes)

Pict0045.JPG (27189 bytes)
Alright...Everyone doesn't need to do that! The Team. Lookin' sexy, Bruce We have to mix concrete with shovels?
Pict0047.JPG (28006 bytes) Pict0057.JPG (15360 bytes) Pict0058.JPG (18090 bytes) bruce1.jpg (33411 bytes)
Milling around the house area. Now we know you're crazy. Did they have a special on hats? Lookin' sharp, Bruce
jnhchurc.jpg (63144 bytes) KIDSBOAT.jpg (44038 bytes) KIDSFOOD.jpg (47541 bytes) TIMROSE.jpg (34700 bytes)
Speaking of hats... Out for wakeboarding Feast in May Tim and Rose Tilley
HAMMOCK.jpg (50767 bytes)      
Torrey and Richie rule the hammock      



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