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The first of many Harrison Pics.   

Remember to click on each picture to view a large version.

HARRHOUS.jpg (50995 bytes) HARRISN1.jpg (22779 bytes) GGRAND.jpg (56323 bytes) KIDONBH1.jpg (79583 bytes)
Here he is, with Heather and Jeff, in front of our house. Looking thoughtful... Harrison with his Great Grandmother Harrison's first trip to the beach!  TUESDAY -- 4 1/2 days old.
ANGLEBAB.jpg (45958 bytes) DEVILBAB.jpg (34022 bytes) HHOSP1.jpg (40069 bytes) JEFFHOSP.jpg (41411 bytes)
Sometimes he's an angel... Sometimes, he's not.... Heather and Harrison, just minutes after birth A proud dad and his newborn son.  (Don't I look tired after that ordeal...)
HRED.jpg (32533 bytes) bb01ed.jpg (36933 bytes) bb02ed.jpg (41368 bytes) bb03ed.jpg (45487 bytes)
Heather's fully recovered in just three days! Harrison gets a bubble bath.



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