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More Pictures of Harrison and South Carolina. 

Remember to click on each picture to get a larger view.

h&h01.jpg (69233 bytes) har_ann.jpg (47939 bytes) hna_in_ny.jpg (73480 bytes) js&cat.jpg (55019 bytes)
Heather with the little one Harrison and his Grandma Heather with her Aunt and Cousin during our summer visit Just a picture for those of you who didn't think I could catch a catfish
little_h1.jpg (46399 bytes) shoeboy.jpg (78543 bytes) barbkh.jpg (58173 bytes) Hfeb01.jpg (52286 bytes)
The little man Alright, who put him in the combat boots! Harrison, with his cousin Kayla and his Aunt Barbara Harrison at 4 months
hhk.jpg (56020 bytes) kaylapuppets.jpg (61872 bytes) kh1.jpg (45635 bytes) kh2.jpg (54135 bytes)
Heather introduces Harrison to Kayla Kayla tries out Heather's puppets (they were a hit!) Harrison and Kayla Harrison is in that "touching" stage
khboscow.jpg (56057 bytes) kfroggy.jpg (33306 bytes) christmasplay.jpg (31750 bytes) talking01.jpg (45006 bytes)
Kayla, Harrison and Harrison's best friend "Boscow"  (ask Heather about the name!) Kayla returns home by plane, with her new friend "Froggy" made at Myrtle Beach's Build a Bear Lucy Mitchum says "hi" to Harrison at the Christmas Play Grannie Annie starts a Sing-Along



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