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Spring 2001

Remember to click on each picture to get a larger view.

donandh.jpg (58216 bytes) harrison02.jpg (47388 bytes) ahrns.jpg (94620 bytes) harrison06.jpg (58313 bytes)
Dad stops by on his way to Florida The Harrison The Ahrns take pictures of Harrison in his "dress" The dress in question
oldmansion03.jpg (95334 bytes) oldmansion01.jpg (102280 bytes) oldmansionair2.jpg (71653 bytes) oldmansionair3.jpg (82385 bytes)
Heather's favorite Mansion Same mansion from the air.  (Notice the canal, it leads down to the water.)
doug01.jpg (38189 bytes) jackandt.jpg (54141 bytes) spencer01.jpg (52971 bytes) heather01.jpg (33608 bytes)
The Dougster Teresa and "Blaque Jaque Shellaque". Spencer acting cool on the beach Heather lookin' good in the bikini!
spencer02.jpg (49393 bytes) jack01.jpg (47546 bytes) miyabi2.jpg (51218 bytes) harrbruised.jpg (39410 bytes)
Spencer's "turning Japanese" Little boy likes his rice Miyabi's... A family favorite All right! Who beat up the baby!  I'm calling DSS!
jandharr02.jpg (63615 bytes) jandharr.jpg (33805 bytes) handh01.jpg (56067 bytes)  
Father and son. Again, father and son. Harrison takes to Waterbabies.  



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