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Spring 2001 (Harrison comes into his own.)

Remember to click on each picture to get a larger view.

harrison04.jpg (56586 bytes) harrison05.jpg (67057 bytes) harrison03.jpg (55965 bytes) harrison07.jpg (64998 bytes)
H in his swim suit I'd say he's a happy boy. Hello again H. H in his "jolly jumper"  (Thanks Barbara.)
harrison08.jpg (59489 bytes) Harrison01.jpg (50284 bytes) snake.jpg (27329 bytes) handshirey.jpg (60165 bytes)
Harrison in his runabout. H in his high chair.  (Thanks Becky) The Snake That Ate St. Louis.  (How did it get into *MY* bathtub?) The two boxers get psyched for "boxing babies"!
duelingbaby04.jpg (54106 bytes) duelingbaby01.jpg (42701 bytes) duelingbaby03.jpg (61828 bytes) duelingbaby02.jpg (56255 bytes)
The two contestants are in the ready position. Harrison leads with the right! Shirey works the left jab. Harrison pulls a "Mike Tyson"
hbeach04.jpg (80265 bytes) hbeach01.jpg (66955 bytes) hbeach03.jpg (59517 bytes) hbeach02.jpg (56605 bytes)
Harrison cries because he lost the "chubby thigh" competition. Harrison at the beach with Shirey and Charlie Harrison! I said no biting! Friends



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