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Early Pictures of the Pelhams

Remember to click on each picture to get a larger view.

h001.jpg (38636 bytes) h002.jpg (30090 bytes) h003.jpg (62258 bytes) h004.jpg (40851 bytes)
Heather visits Lake George     Heather in Ithaca
happyh.jpg (37294 bytes) hbirthd.jpg (47004 bytes) hblutong.jpg (36748 bytes) Hdancin1.jpg (99453 bytes)
A happy Heather (Look at those curls!) Heather's 24th Birthday Heather kissed a smurf! Partying in the Bahamas
hnyc.jpg (72762 bytes) hsporty.jpg (40910 bytes) jfishin.jpg (19810 bytes) Santa.jpg (69995 bytes)
Heather in NYC Sporty Heather Jeff's hard day at work Santa visits Danby, NY
jnhbost1.jpg (37875 bytes) raft2.jpg (143608 bytes) IPair.jpg (49946 bytes)  
On an island near Boston (the sign says "do not stand here") On the Gauley River A view of IP  



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