July 4th 2001 at Pawleys
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July 4th Parade, Pawleys Island, 2001

Remember to click on each picture to get a larger view.

HappyH.jpg (79549 bytes) HappyH2.jpg (69773 bytes) handdad.jpg (47118 bytes) Hsuckerjpg.jpg (51018 bytes)
Harrison (the crawling maniac.) Little boy at the parade Trying his first lollypop
Hstanding.jpg (33726 bytes) Grandmarshall.jpg (65853 bytes) bird.jpg (67762 bytes) boat1.jpg (57768 bytes)
Yep, he can stand The grand marshall Nice bird  
churchkids.jpg (67515 bytes) congressman.jpg (50279 bytes) unclesam.jpg (67606 bytes) nicecar.jpg (65186 bytes)
Kids from the church Former Congressman ... Future Governor?    
1970s.jpg (70562 bytes) traditions.jpg (69950 bytes) wrongparade1.jpg (68229 bytes) wrongparade2.jpg (64870 bytes)
    My favorite.  I loved the turkey in the trunk.
Pirates.jpg (66862 bytes) zband.jpg (68634 bytes) zhappy.jpg (59481 bytes) zshades.jpg (67386 bytes)

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