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With my Church Group in Lubec, Maine

Remember to click on each picture to get a larger view.  Be sure to use a browser that auto adjusts the size!

In the gym on the way up. So who has the magic hat? Friends
(Thanks for letting me take the picture!)
The Group Photo!
The West Quoddy Lighthouse Proof I was there! Breakfast. In the Gym
Evening worship. At the 45th parallel (That's half way from the equator to the N. Pole if you were checking...) Captain Mike points the way. Looking out of the Restaurant.
Straight from the sea The crowd is hungry and ready. Dinner is served!
(Have you ever seen happier campers?)
On the rocks. (And shaken, not stirred.)
East Quoddy Lighthouse (on Campobello Island) They might be giants.



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