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 Here are some pictures of the Jeff's side of the family.  Heather and Jeff's relatives have a competition going to see who is the most crazy.  Feel free to look at both family's pictures and cast your vote on the feedback form.  (Remember, all pictures are "clickable" for a larger copy!)

barbpete.jpg (85504 bytes)

dadplan1.jpg (53590 bytes)

dave01.jpg (79113 bytes)

davemea1.jpg (75058 bytes)

Barb and Peter at Karin's Wedding Dad and his toy David the Bubble Man David and Meagan

Davemea2.jpg (104697 bytes)

Doug1.jpg (31562 bytes)

FI9401.jpg (93801 bytes)

FI9402.jpg (90640 bytes)

D and M arriving at Fishers Island

Doug on a boat in Maine Pig Roast at the Geek's Weekend Doug, swinging a lasso

FI9403.jpg (124260 bytes)

FI9404.jpg (84390 bytes)

FIair.jpg (25386 bytes) hspence.jpg (89198 bytes)
Welcome to Fisher's Peter, Peter, Peter... Fishers from the air Heather in her Thanksgiving dress, with the highly huggable Spencer!
jkayla.jpg (64647 bytes) kayla01.jpg (65887 bytes) momdad1.jpg (86517 bytes) nbirth.jpg (67203 bytes)
Jeff and his neice. (What is Heather looking at?) Kayla Mom and Dad
 (in Ithaca)
Barbara after 26 hours of labor and a c-section

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