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 Here are some pictures of the Jeff's side of the family.  Heather and Jeff's relatives have a competition going to see who is the most crazy.  Feel free to look at both family's pictures and cast your vote on the feedback form.  (Remember, all pictures are "clickable" for a larger copy!)

nick01.jpg (45469 bytes) nick02.jpg (101882 bytes) petenik1.jpg (43242 bytes) Pict0079.JPG (38055 bytes)
Nick (and Peter) Nick Nick and Peter Bob has some thanksgiving turkey
tbkids.jpg (79663 bytes) Thanks01.jpg (130608 bytes) Thanks04.jpg (90764 bytes) Thanks05.jpg (91517 bytes)
Barb, Kayla, Teresa and Spencer Football at Thanksgiving Timmy and Kevin Thanksgiving dinner at the "kids" table
Thanks02.jpg (77188 bytes) Thanks03.jpg (45461 bytes) wrightki.jpg (67080 bytes)  
Peter Doug Ian and Katie Wright  

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