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Our Last Days, Living in South Carolina

Remember to click on each picture to get a larger view.

At_the_Pink_Magnolia.jpg (268703 bytes) cats.jpg (193509 bytes) Feeding_Time_01.jpg (298953 bytes) Front_street.jpg (201086 bytes)
Harrison, at the Pink Magnolia. The cats eye me warily. Heather and Harrison at home. Harrison roaming front street.
gettin_goofy.jpg (199767 bytes) Harrison_at_the_gate.jpg (107457 bytes) Heather_at_work.jpg (310935 bytes) Hell_Hole_Swamp_Festival_Queens.jpg (185587 bytes)
Jeff can't help but be himself at a wedding reception. Little boy at the gate Heather working hard. The queens of the Hell Hole Swamp.  (I'm not making that up!)
HnH_01.jpg (159249 bytes) Hungry_Hippo.jpg (299358 bytes) In_church.jpg (99571 bytes) Jeff_and_Jenny.jpg (153419 bytes)
H and H on the porch. Hungry Harrison demands to be fed. Look! I can dress up nice. Jeff and Jenny.  Don't ask.
  Obergs.jpg (177500 bytes) little_attitude.jpg (104959 bytes)  
  Brant and Terri Oberg Little boy shows some attitude.  

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