Summertime 2004
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Summertime 2004

Remember to click on each picture to get a larger view.

Dinner at Honeoye... ...with the kids... ...out on the lanai... ...and Heather brings "queen's cake" for dessert.
Boys on the beach Alexander gives a wave... ...sits on the Adirondack chair... ...and screams in joy...
Camping with the Pelhams Spencer discovers clams and all three discover s'mores. Lunch at the camp.
Doug and the boys Harrison by the water Harrison and Alexander on the porch with their hats
Did you ever wonder what happened to the Munchkin Coroner in the Wizard of Oz that declared the Witch "Absolutely positively dead?" On the beach on Fishers Diggin' the castle. Spencer
The battle royale begins Jeff gets first take-down Jeff has his opponent in the air! The other one joins in!  (Jeff claims there was no tag!)
I've got him just where I want him. Or do I? Harrison and Alexander relax in the spa after a hard day.

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