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reubpic.JPG (30681 bytes) mill28.JPG (43604 bytes) mill29.JPG (55941 bytes) mill32.JPG (40791 bytes)
All watch intently, when Reuben Williams draws a picture. Marshall Shuler at the helm The hardest working men in the scaffolding business Ron and Tony,
here to conquer the world.
mill34.JPG (41662 bytes) bessant1.JPG (37403 bytes) Rabbi.JPG (32622 bytes) monte.JPG (41170 bytes)
Dennis Nesbit and Tony Hughes Jim "Bossman" Bessant wonders why he roots for Bill Elliott... Alan "Rabbi" Hovin so named because he's a Baptist preacher (don't ask me...) makes a gasket. Monte Artz enjoys his balanced, healthful dinner.
Billrabbi.JPG (39390 bytes) keithhat.JPG (40013 bytes) flashjimmy.JPG (41539 bytes) suba.JPG (30489 bytes)
Alan "Rabbi" Hovin and Bill Baker wait for their turn to punch grates Punching grates.  Notice the woman in the middle.  We had a lot of volunteers... Jimmy Dooley and John "Flash" Jacks Brian Subasavage (from 1999 Shutdown)

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