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Rayjeff1.jpg (44324 bytes) jimlawrence.jpg (32380 bytes) satjeff.jpg (23414 bytes) Natboiler.jpg (40918 bytes)
Ray Martin show Jeff Carter the ropes Jim Lawrence mans the "Robo-hole" Jeff Carter -- One squared away foreman Men from National Boiler
cooper.jpg (32907 bytes) Thompson.jpg (42849 bytes) Rayjeff2.jpg (39988 bytes) refract.JPG (42311 bytes)
Walter Cooper works on a conveyor Thompson Industrial
"Building A Reputation With Service"
Close cooperation between our personnel allow IP to strive ahead RAB Refractory "We don't have to hurry, we're ahead of the game"
oberg1.JPG (37299 bytes) oberg3.JPG (41166 bytes)    
Brant Oberg makes the foam in his attempt to brew the "World's Largest Frappaccino"    



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