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After my Grandmother died, my mother was going through her drawers and found a stack of letters.  My mother read them and found they were written by my Father's, mother's, father's older brother, William Clemens.  They described the time he spent in the military, from 1861 to 1881.

        Although they were tough to read, my mother typed them up (yes, with a typewriter).  I later converted them to a Word document.  The first half can be found below, both as a single document and as six sections.

        Although I've read through most of them, there are still some typos, etc.  (Although some of them are just because the longhand-written letters are a little bit unreadable.)


  The full first half.  
4/18/1861 to 10/24/1863 10/26/1863 to 11/22/1863 11/1863 to 4/1864
1/1864 to 2/1864 2/1864 to 4/1864 4/6/1864 to 4/30/1864

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